Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wallpaper Watch

Ok, so I am more than usually interested in wallpaper (cue plug for my book, Wallpaper The Ultimate Guide, available to buy right now from all good bookshops) but I have recently come across two new papers guaranteed to trigger must-buy urges in anyone with an aesthetic pulse.
First up is a collection of digitally-printed, architecturally inspired papers by up-and-coming textile designer Sam, alias 'Mr', Wingate. (See images, centre and bottom.)
Wingate, who was tipped as a hot talent at last year's New Designers exhibition, builds up his patterns using small images which he has either drawn or photographed and then layers them with larger scale pictures of buildings or architectural motifs.The result is a collection of wall coverings that are striking, contemporary and uncompromisingly urban yet still retain that most essential wallpaper characteristic, soothing rhythm.
At the moment, his papers are all made-to-order but he tells me there's an off-the-peg collection coming soon, so start preparing those walls. (
The latest addition to Fromental's collection (see image, top) confirms the company's position at the top of the Exquisite Bespoke Papers league. Ponti, created as a homage to the legendary architect and designer Geo Ponti, is a giant-sized, geometric print featuring inter-cut silks rendered with metallic, marbleised washes that look like Travertine stone and it is utterly beautiful.
Ponti isn't available until September but since it costs £235 per square meter, I thought I'd alert you all now so you can start saving. (

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Name to know: Designedmade

I've been watching this fledgling design company for a while now and was delighted to discover that Jonathan Krawczuk, the designer behind it, scooped up Thorsten van Elten's 'Best Newcomer' award at Pulse last week.
Amid all the faux-retro T-towels on display at the show, Krawczuk's clean lined, primary bright steel accessories looked exciting and contemporary. I was particularly impressed by his range of fruit bowls: the Meshed, Squared, Cubic and Globe bowls all feature geometric cut-outs which cast beautiful, geometric shadows across surfaces and play with your sense of perspective. What makes DesignedMade really stand out though is Krawczuk's insistence on functionality - those lasercut holes, for example, also allow air to reach the fruit in the bowl.
He says he makes things with pride and thought and it shows. Check him out at